How Digital Marketing can build Disruptive Business

disruptive digital marketing trends

Disruptive Digital Marketing Trends for your Business

The digital marketing world is full of innovations and creativity where each day something new comes. It can never stand still as new trends emerge and new brands evolve in order to get a good recognition across the globe. But it has to face many things whenever a new brand tries to establish fully in a digitized world.

In fact, Digital marketing for SMB holds risk facing disruptions in this competitive arena. This all happens due to the presence of various false digital marketing trends affecting businesses badly.

Digital marketing for SMB is a great platform which provides endless opportunities to SMBs for reaching out their potential clients via genuine activities like marketing campaigns, segmented messages and also very well understand its target market to get a good business growth. But the game of marketing is same for each business whether it is small or big. Consumers in the world of digital marketing act as savvier and wearier of marketing tactics.

Moreover, a number of marketing tools have come up viz. analytics, automation which are challenging businesses. But this actually offers them a competitive advantage and make them able to stand and survive in this game for the long haul. In this blog, we will discuss those digital marketing trends which are disrupting your businesses.

List of trends which will disrupt businesses:

  1. A) Black Hat SEO

Digital Marketing- Black Hat SEO V/S White Hat SEO

SEO is meant to make your website user-friendly which Google can crawl easily and give a good rank to it. But there are people mainly spammers who are misusing concepts of SEO to bring more traffic by breaking the defined rules of Google.This is known as Black Hat SEO which has become a dark side of current digital marketing trends.

Spam comments: Spam commenting on your professional blogs harms the quality of your blogs. Your blog will get neglected and thus affects the overall performance of your corporate website.

Duplicate content: Copy-paste content across different domains is considered as the worst black hat SEO content. It results in a poor user experience which may penalize your website in future. Article spinning also affects the quality of content. Search engines only prefer original and quality content.

  1. B) Negative effects of social media

Digital Marketing- Users on different social media platforms

Social media has greatly influenced the current marketing scenario. Companies are running their businesses successfully and earning well with it. But if your planning is not strategic, then the impact of social media on business could be worse which further can harm your reputation too.

Shared stuff: On this platform, when a piece of content gets posted then multiple users interact with it. They do comments, share and like the posts. In this way, it increases the user engagement and helps in shaping your social media marketing activities.

But this can also turn into a negative concept if it goes against your marketing campaigns or ads due to negative responses from people. That’s why social media monitoring is always advised to keep your business on track.

ROI: To remain active for a long on almost all the social media platforms would ultimately beneficial for your business. It measures the ROI from all its campaigns. It is a complex process because you will not get exact numbers for how much worth the social media marketing activities is bringing to your company.

Bad reviews: A small mistake on social media is hard to rectify because it’s a big platform where a small information spreads like water among people. Today we can find every large or small business on social media platforms where customers can give feedback or review them. A negative customer review will ultimately claim their reputation and business badly.

C) The false side of Online Marketing

Digital Marketing [infographic]

Online marketing is running businesses successfully nowadays.For this, you need to invest a lot to get a good reputation over the web. However, it has various disadvantages which are disrupting businesses today.

– The Internet is full of information and it makes it cozy to differentiate between crap and quality at some point. In fact, craps are always targeted to new SMBs or start-ups.

– It is competitive marketing field.

– It is not free. Online marketing involves a couple of things such as maintenance of website, software/ hardware cost, online distribution cost etc. 

What next is coming to disrupt businesses:


Search engine marketing, social media outreach etc. are no longer current trends now. These are common things for every business now. You should look at the following elements which can affect digital marketing for SMB in the coming years.

1) Expert global marketing

Single country marketing is not enough as more and more businesses want to get a good recognition globally. Business owners should tailor their marketing strategies, website’s landing pages and call to actions across the globe. This actually requires expertise or you can consult with reliable professional services.

2) Advanced automation

Big brands use sophisticated and advanced techniques to succeed in the market. Marketing automation has become a necessity for them to manage customer engagement. From small to larger sized businesses, all are developing sustained and complex user engagement with marketing automation.

3) Content marketing

Crowdsourced content is winning the whole marketing game. Crowdsourced content refers to customer generated content which would definitely bring various business benefits if used organically especially with social media. Digital marketing experts also believe that it is the quality content which grabs more respect and attention.

Moreover, it is a key to successful influencer marketing. A large number of businesses are ready to invest high for those bloggers who have the capability to get their bf5cognized globally.

4) Data analytics:

It is the most important marketing tool for every business. Campaigns make a great impact by focusing on the customer analytics and real-time data. With the help of analytics, businesses can better understand their potential customers and manage their marketing campaign in a specific manner too. It makes businesses more responsive to their approach and offers messaging optimization.


As far we have seen both good and bad impacts of digital marketing trends which can disrupt businesses in the coming years. The spectra of worst digital marketing trends can cause a great harm to a business website. However, you don’t need to worry about such issues as there are many digital agencies already present to give your relief.

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